Free Download: Gabriel Martins – “Falling Debris”

27 Feb

Gabriel Martins

Think of Brazil and a number of things probably spring immediately to mind. For example, Carnival, Samba, Rio, Sun, Beaches and Pele are the most likely thoughts people would have: Capoeira, coffee and shanty towns maybe slightly less likely. What is unlikely to feature on many people’s list is blistering, indie dance-pop. Yet that is exactly what Rio’s own Gabriel Martins is delivering with “Falling Debris”.

It begins in much the same way as many modern electro-pop tunes do; a bit of a beat, some twinkling synths and some swirling atmospherics. Then the keys and vocals come in and the tone is changed, the emphasis is more on rhythm with the drum patterns crashing and rolling around incessantly. Then we shift again, just as the track appears to fade away the guitar kicks in and drives us home in an energetic finale.

As you would expect from anything Brazilian, bar perhaps Ronaldinho, it is pretty sexy and will no doubt be the cause of many writhing, sweaty bodies crowding the dancefloor to get their groove on.

”Falling Debris” is the third track from Gabriel Martin’s Silence EP, which is also available for free download from his SoundCloud page.

Stalk Gabriel Martins: Facebook / SoundCloud

One Response to “Free Download: Gabriel Martins – “Falling Debris””

  1. name not supplied April 6, 2013 at 01:44 #

    we like this

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