Listen: Violet – “Where The Wild Things Grow”

27 Feb


Ten days ago we heard a new track from Violet and we were just blown away. Why, you may ask, have we not said anything about it sooner then? The answer is simple, we’ve been too busy listening to its magnificence and revelling in its utter gorgeousness. We’ve fallen a little bit in love with it and only now have we composed ourselves sufficiently to take to our keyboard and try to do it justice.

According to Ms Geldof (that’s Pixie btw, it’s her band) on the Violet Facebook page, this version of “Where The Wild Things Grow” is just a “rough demo”. If that is so, then heaven help us when the finished article is released because this is just stunning. Over the course of the last ten days it has woven its way into the very essence of our being, with Pixie’s languid vocals dripping sumptuously over a delicate string arrangement.

If you were so inclined you would say it out-Lana’s Lana, sharing, as it does, very similar sensibilities with the best of Ms Del Rey’s work so far. What we will say is that this is the kind of song that you will find yourself playing again and again. It is not the sort of song you can just hear once and leave, you will keep coming back and before you realise, it’s nearly 30 minutes later and you’ve just played it 5 times, back to back. It’s gorgeous, just gorgeous.

(via Breaking More Waves)

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