Review: Rhye – Woman

4 Mar

Rhye - Woman

Thirteen short months have passed since Rhye released their debut EP, Open. Since then there have been three videos, one further EP, an abundance of speculation and a legion of bewitched listeners. Today the now-not-so-secretive duo releases their debut album and while it hasn’t taken them long, it feels like we have been waiting for ages.

Singles “Open” and “The Fall” offer a warm and familiar beginning (we can’t hear “The Fall” without wanting to dance like the opening to the video) but there is no need to be eased in gently. Across its ten tracks, Woman caresses and soothes our mind with its smooth R’n’B flavours and sensual orchestral arrangements. Subtle electronic grooves, such as those found on “Last Dance” melt alongside the late night sexiness of tracks like “3 Days”.

In fact “3 Days” is more like one romantic evening in musical form; the cascading harp strings is your lights down low, drinks and meal moments, before the beat gradually and delicately sexes it up for some smoochy dancing and, well you know the rest.

Woman is beautiful but in an understated fashion. It is unquestionably sexy but not overtly so or brash. Mike Milosh’s silky androgynous vocals are equal parts haunting and beautiful. He sings with a breathy melancholy (“One Of Those Summer Days”) and a swoonsome sensuality. The songs are rich and smooth like a vintage red wine in the company of good friends. Robin Hannibal’s arrangements are deft, delicate and subtle, awash with a languid sophistication, offering glimpses into the intimacy of love, be it full and joyous or pained, private and profound.

It is an ode to love and one that will no doubt be sound-tracking a fair amount of it in the months to come as well.

Woman is out now on Polydor and available digitally or on CD and Vinyl.

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One Response to “Review: Rhye – Woman”

  1. name not supplied April 14, 2013 at 01:57 #

    i love rhye, beautiful performer as well

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