Listen: The Ramona Flowers – “Lust and Lies”

6 Mar

The Ramona Flowers

There must be something in the water over Bristol way as here we are again, talking about an amazing act from that wonderful city. This time it is the turn of The Ramona Flowers, who have made us sit up and take notice with their latest track, “Lust and Lies”. Named after character Ramona Flowers from cult comic and film Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (the objet d’amore of the titular hero), the band share her mystical and enigmatic traits. As far as we know though, they are not able to travel via subspace highways inside people’s heads.

Similar in feeling to London Grammar, this is an elegant piece of ambient indie music. It’s a warm summers evening walk, as the sun drops slowly and the sky turns pink, hushed vocals mix with distant melodies to create a dream-like soundscape. Guitars slide into keys slide into beats slide into words slide slide slide. It’s languorous, mellifluous, gorgeous and extremely easy to find yourself lost inside for quite some time. Take a listen.

“Lust and Lies” is the title track of The Ramona Flowers new EP which is out via Distiller Records on 29 April. The band are currently supporting Bastille on his sold out tour across the UK

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One Response to “Listen: The Ramona Flowers – “Lust and Lies””

  1. name not supplied April 14, 2013 at 02:01 #

    very good, loving the track here

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