Listen: A Q U I L O – “Calling Me”

8 Mar


From the off, “Calling Me” sounds a little different to your run of the mill electronica. Opening ‘ahhhhhhhhhh’s, that sound sufficiently choral they should be filling the ornate ceilings of a cathedral, are set alongside a ringing bell akin to that heard on a Titanic lifeboat in the fog, before giving way to some wondrously spacious harmonies.

Heralding from the majestic wide open spaces of the Lake District, newly formed four-piece A Q U I L O have already won our hearts with this gentle, probing debut. Depending on who you ask/read, the background for the group varies, what we know for sure is that Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher have been about before in other groups, separately from (and often competing with) one another. How they then came together and hooked up with Lucas Button and Fin Kay Lavelle is not as clear but we are glad they did.

What they have created is a stunning piece of atmospheric, smoke-like electronic pop music. It’s elegant, not trying to do more than it needs to, instead realising the strength that exists in simplicity and excelling in blending delicate melodies, harmonies and rhythms. That it comes with an infectious pop-hook doesn’t exactly harm it either.

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One Response to “Listen: A Q U I L O – “Calling Me””

  1. name not supplied April 14, 2013 at 02:05 #

    very cool music here

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