Listen: Salt Cathedral – “Take Me To The Sea”

14 Mar

Salt Cathedral

Some out there amongst you may be familiar with a band called Il Abanico who was knocking about in the US for a while. Don’t worry if you are not, no one is going to point and laugh if you’d not heard of them, similarly there are no cool points on offer for those of you who had. The important thing to know is that the line-up was renamed Salt Cathedral and by rights, there will soon be no excuse for not knowing who they are.

The band met and formed, like so many seem to these days, in Brooklyn, though the members come from far and wide (Canada, Colombia (x2), Florida and New Jersey) and a debut EP is reportedly not far away. For now though we just have “Take Me To The Sea” to enjoy, and enjoy it we do.

Juli Ronderos’s vocals are sugar sweet as they skip and play over intricate and complimentary guitar work, which in turn weaves and turns around the rapid rat-a-tat of the percussion. It pitches and turns, the tempo dropping and rising at regular intervals like a kite on the wind, looping the loop and doing other tricks we don’t know the names of.

It’s bouncy and infectious, its folksy lyrics and indie-popping melodies make our feet do taps and our head do nods, even when people are looking at us and it could be embarrassing. We’re not embarrassed, and neither should you be for not knowing who Il Abanico were, you soon will be if you don’t know Salt Cathedral though.

Stalk Salt Cathedral: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

One Response to “Listen: Salt Cathedral – “Take Me To The Sea””

  1. name not supplied April 14, 2013 at 02:12 #

    a lovely bouncy song

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