Listen: Be The Bear – “Bump”

30 Mar

Be The Bear

Come one, come all, join us on a ride to the sugar coated brightness of Be The Bear. Enter through the candy cane archway and gaze in wonder at this Willy Wonka world in front of you. If you like your pop a little bitter to the taste, a bit darker and heartbroken then be prepared, this is going to be like taking a Care Bear stare to your cold cold heart.

It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to work out that Be The Bear are Swedish. kind of, vocalist Christina Wehage is Danish/English and producer Mattias Bolin is from Sweden. They met in Gothenburg though and, possessed as they are with that Nikki and the Dove style Scandinavian sound, it is in Sweden that they have had significant success so far. The rest of the world is quickly catching on mind you.

“Bump” is unashamedly bouncy, bright and happy, the vocals purposefully shrill and smiley. It isn’t jaded or cynical but open and warm, loving and full of bubblegum popping euphoria. “It’s about that first moment when you realize that you are falling for someone and you just have to take a leap, and trust that you won’t get hurt”. Christina has said. “I wanted it to be very happy and dreamy with a kind of fairy tale air to it, chirping birds and flowing dresses”. Objective achieved we’d say. It harks back to simpler times, with Buggles synths and A-Ha innocence it is a toybox of pure pop and immensely enjoyable. Open the curtains, take a listen and let the sunshine come in.

“Bump” is out now and available digitally.

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One Response to “Listen: Be The Bear – “Bump””

  1. name not supplied April 14, 2013 at 02:31 #

    we do like our pop like a giant carebear.

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