Listen: Lennox. – “Wicked Ways”

31 Mar


It’s Sunday, we don’t normally post on a Sunday but when we heard “Wicked Ways” by Lennox. the other week we immediately thought ‘Sunday’. It is a gentle, caressing breeze on your weary from the week (and possibly drawn from the night before’s drinks) face.

Look around and you will discover that Lennox is a New York four-piece, though it would probably be more accurate to say that they hail from the internet. The band members currently reside in three different states and are so indebted to dropbox, it could easily be classed as the ‘fifth Lennox’. They all met whilst being educated in Massachusetts then went their separate ways, to New York, Boston and Philadelphia respectively. Their love of ambient electro-pop (and in the case of Mahea – vocals, songwriting, keys – and Carter – bass, synths – who are married, their love for one another) kept them together. Whilst still a fledgling band, they have just the two songs on SoundCloud but are working on an EP, they have struck upon something quite delightful.

“Wicked Ways” is distant and delicate, with mellifluous harmonies that dance ballet like as the piano climbs and falls and the beat rat-a-tat’s like mice footsteps. It is icy cool, billowing like lace curtains over an open window and, while moody in tone (“It’s not your fault, can’t be blamed, that I’m wicked”), as beautiful as crystal. Perfect for a chilled Sunday morning, or any other day for that matter.

Stalk Lennnox: Facebook / Website / SoundCloud


One Response to “Listen: Lennox. – “Wicked Ways””

  1. name not supplied April 14, 2013 at 02:31 #

    gentle, and lovely song

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