In Session: Oliver Rudge – “I Will Be Your Sun”

1 Apr

Ollie Rudge

You know how it goes; every day someone is telling someone else to listen out for yet another someone as they are going to be the next one. The big one, the one that takes what that other one has done and makes it look like nothing. We’ve done it, other bloggers have done it, everyone knows someone who is going to be that someone. Sometimes though, just sometimes, you come across an artist who you don’t think is going to be someone, you know it. You can feel it. You only have to hear them sing, see them perform and it’s there. It.

Oliver Rudge, or Ollie if you like, has it and undoubtedly, it won’t be long before everyone knows. Just 18, Ollie has a youthful charm and exuberance, a ‘this shit is fun’ vibe that is pretty darn infectious. Talk to him and this young brummie could almost be any other gregarious kid talking about going out and having a laugh; listen to him sing and he could win the heart of the most glacial of ice maidens. Don’t believe us? We know cynical old bastards who wouldn’t be impressed by a unicorn juggling dinosaur eggs while riding a unicycle and burping the alphabet backwards; when it comes to Ollie though, they are getting more excited than a 6 year old girl being given a puppy for their birthday.

His debut EP, I Will Be Your Sun, will be out later this month and we were lucky enough to catch up with Ollie recently to film an acoustic session of the title track. It’ a song he wrote in the time it took to walk to the end of his road and back in the snow and it is probably one of the most gorgeous tracks we’ve heard this year. We did mention that Ollie is prodigiously talented right? Watch him play, to no one but us and the wonderful Sessions Productions who shot the video, and he could quite easily be performing to a packed audience. Charisma doesn’t cut it, he has more. Tender, sweet, warm with just enough of an edge to it and oh so freaking good, if we could play guitar that way we’d never bloody stop.

Everyone knows someone who is going to be someone. Oliver Rudge is going to be someone that everyone knows.

The ‘I Will Be Your Sun’ EP will be released 15 April and is available for pre-order now. We tell you this as once you’ve played the video, you’re probably going to want to come back and click this link.

Stalk Oliver Rudge: Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter

One Response to “In Session: Oliver Rudge – “I Will Be Your Sun””

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 18:22 #

    Your session filming is pretty good 🙂

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