Listen: Misty Miller – “Anything For You”

3 Apr

Misty Miller Anything For You

Kids today eh? What do they know about anything anyway? Ask any blue rinser and you’ll be regaled with tales of disrespectful kids, up to no good hanging out and causing trouble. They fear for the future of this country, they really do. They obviously haven’t been paying attention to the world of music then as the future is very much in good hands as the kids are alright. On Monday we shared a stunningly good session from the crazy talented Oliver Rudge (18), and today it is the turn of the girls as the equally remarkable Misty Miller (also 18) drops her latest, “Anything For You”.

Misty first got under the skin of the music world as a prodigious 16 year old, rocking a ukulele and getting the likes of Paul Lester and Whats The Ruckus all hot under the collar with some remarkably mature folky blues. Likened to Rumer and Laura Marling it looked like she was going to join the softly softly clan and caress the world to sleep. But we all go through phases when we are kids right? And Misty appears to have been no different as her new sound is altogether more rawkus and rocky.

Think Marina and the Diamonds fronting The Airbourne Toxic Event doing a Vaccines cover and you’re on your way. “Anything For You” is a rapid paced blues rock jam full of jump up and down energy and a cracking little shout along section. Inspired by blues and good old rock and roll, it has a remarkable self-awareness and maturity as well as being all fired up and bouncy. It’s scary to think that, at an age when we were fretting about A-levels, university and hoping we were liked; Miller has already released an album, changed musical direction, recently released an EP and is about to release another, Next To You on 12 May. We told you she was prodigious.

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One Response to “Listen: Misty Miller – “Anything For You””

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 18:29 #

    we like this, well mannered alanis morrisette we thought 🙂

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