Free Download: Florrie – “Live A Little”

4 Apr

Florrie New

She was in the top five of our artists to listen out for in 2013, she has been seemingly on the cusp of breaking out for ages and now, after announcing in May last year that she was finally signing for a major label, Florrie is back. With an unofficial release that is being used in an advertising campaign.

It’s not exactly what we were expecting either.

Still, that’s not to say it’s not another corker of a pop tune. We honestly doubt she can write anything less than a great tune and “Live A Little” is a great tune. Big brash horn sounds complement her lively, bouncing dance inducing drumming. It’s a jump around the living room like a toddler tune, pure infectious fun and energy, even if the subject matter is a tad more mature than that. “We gotta live a little, be naughty but nice/Just to give a little/A freak show show let’s live a little/I’m gonna get what I want, so give a little”, she sings.

We’re not sure who it is who needs to give a little but we think he should bloody well hurry up and get on with it. Florrie has never seemed like someone who wouldn’t get what they want, especially when in such a feisty and fired up mood.

As mentioned, “Live A Little” was recorded for use in an advertising campaign. Sony in-ear headphones to be precise, which is why the video is full of continuity bothering close-ups of Florrie’s ears and other body parts where headphones tend to dangle when not in ears. The video also features multiple Florries marching, dancing, clapping, drumming and strumming away all at once. At one point we counted no fewer than seven Florries on screen at once, which I think we can all agree is about 3.5 more Florries than any red-blooded male or female could handle at any one time.

While we ponder on that some more, and no doubt leave you doing the same, take a watch of the video below and then click here for a free download of the track itself.

Stalk Florrie: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

One Response to “Free Download: Florrie – “Live A Little””

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 18:32 #

    yeah. not keen on the product placement but I get that this is an advert for sony…sooo….the song is good though!

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