Listen: Air Review – “Animal”

8 Apr

Air Review

Spring is finally here, mostly, well kind of. After a seemingly never ending winter of crazy snow and bitingly cold temperatures, this past weekend finally saw the sun rise from its slumber and beam down some light and a tiny bit of warmth. Sleepy creatures have rubbed their weary eyes, stretched their little limbs and awoken from their unexpected month long lie-in and are about their business. A month is nothing though when compared to the snooze Air Review had. According to their website, the Dallas, Texas five-piece (despite high praise from critics and fans alike) hibernated for 12 months and reinvented their sound.

To continue the sleepy creature analogy, they emerged from their cocoon a fully formed butterfly of dreamy colours and exquisite melodies. On “Animal” (we swear the creature puns were not entirely intentional) hushed Yeasayer-esque, world-folk vocals drip and echo softly, conveying intimacy and giving a smooth finish to gently probing synths. Little retro-future keyboard flourishes sparkle hither and thither, putting you in mind of 80’s fantasy films, Labyrinth, The Flight of the Navigator, that kind of thing. This is an animal that’ll lick your face before curling up contentedly on your lap.

“Animal” features on Air Review’s latest album, ‘Low Wishes’, which is available now and here.”

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One Response to “Listen: Air Review – “Animal””

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 18:41 #

    Totally see the 80s fantasy thing, or is that “hear”…is very synthy and perfect flight through the air on a mythical beast montage music

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