Watch – Curxes – “Further Still”

10 Apr

Curxes Owl Chum

In our original post about the otherworldly soft beauty of Curxes latest, “Further Sill”, we remarked on its subtlety, saying “It is scalpel rather than sledgehammer to the walnut of our ears”.

It turns out that we are kind of maybe Mystic Megs over here as look what’s right there in the accompanying video. Yep, scalpels! Ok, it also features taxidermy a-go-go which we didn’t mention, nor did we refer in any way to the truck load of creepy stuffed animals or the ‘Curxes as installation piece’ ending. And yes, we did talk about brightly coloured stepford-esque holiday camps which don’t feature, but cut us some slack, prophecy is not an exact science. One out of many is still pretty good right?

Ok fine, it’s rubbish and was entirely by accident but let’s not detract too much from what is an understatedly creepy video of simple beauty that perfectly matches the track. Dark without being overt and oppressive, emotional without being clumsy or hackneyed, “Further Still” is instead considered and wistful. Curxes are certainly bringing their A-game at the moment and the more we hear it, the more we love it. We can’t wait for more.

“Further Still” is available for free download here.

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One Response to “Watch – Curxes – “Further Still””

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 18:51 #

    what a beautiful song

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