Listen: Salt Cathedral – “Dirty Me”

11 Apr

Salt Cathedral - Dirty Me

After a few weeks of repeated listening, it’s fair to say we are enjoying Salt Cathedral‘s latest song, “Dirty Me”, just as much as their previous effort, “Take Me To The Sea”.

“Dirty Me” is, in case you were wondering, neither about playing in the mud or secret night time activities. Sorry to disappoint you.

No, it is instead another skittery, simmering piece of folk infused indie/math-pop. Juliana Ronderos’s vocals are again sugar sweet as they weave amongst the Foals-ian guitar work and rapid-fire percussion. It follows a similar line to its predecessor but without feeling like it is in fact stepping in its footprints. It is a bit more breathy, a bit more urgent with a more consistent tempo but no less infectious and no less bouncy. It skips and flits, dances and twirls with precision and panache, full of vibrant colour. We love it.

We said before that Salt Cathedral would become a name that people know and “Dirty Me” just supports that assertion.

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One Response to “Listen: Salt Cathedral – “Dirty Me””

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 19:16 #

    its a good track for sunset beach parties i think. high tempo and yet not heavy lazer light music or anything

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