Review: White Prism – White Prism EP

24 Apr

White Prism

Given the slightly smoochy eroticism of the last White Prism tune, “Lover’s Dream”, the stark and solitary, futuristic electronica that opens her eponymous EP is quite a surprise, however fleeting it is. Quickly though the softness of Joanna Cranitch’s Kate Bush-ian vocals take over and, while not erotic, the EP floats along in a cool reverie of compulsive beats and 80’s inspired synths.

With this debut EP in her White Prism guise, Cranitch is showcasing not only her gorgeously soft and breathy vocals but her keen understanding of the less is more approach to music. Each musical ingredient has been chosen for its flavour, its texture and its ability to spark a taste sensation reaction in your mouth, or ears. Ask a chef what the secret of cooking great food is, and they will tell you, get the best ingredients you can and cook them well. That’s what Cranitch is doing here. There is nothing overly showy, she is not trying to throw effect after effect or sound after sound at it. The White Prism EP is more a delicate and flavoursome amuse-bouche that delights, than a carb heavy stodge of a main course that makes you feel a little bloated and ill once its finished.

This is a simple and highly enjoyable dish that tingles on the tongue for long after you have stopped eating, or listening. You know what we mean. It’s gourmet, haute-pop if you like (and we do).

The White Prism EP is out now and available from iTunes

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  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 19:24 #

    we like this 🙂

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