Listen: Velvet Two Stripes – “Fire”

29 Apr

Velvet Two Stripes

Mondays are tough aren’t they? Whether you have had a frenetic 48 hours of hedonistic debauchery, or just tried to relax and unwind over the weekend, when that alarm blares out on a Monday morning, you just want to the world to do one and let you crawl back under the duvet.

Or is that just us?

What you, and we, need is a little something to fire up the adrenaline and get us going once again. Enter stage rock, Swiss trio Velvet Two Stripes with the title track for their debut UK EP, Fire.

It could be the soundtrack to a Jason Statham starring actioner (and you can’t get much more adrenaline fueled than that), all cut scenes and bad-ass walking while the track (and numerous incidental items in the background) explodes around him. “Fire” is a bluesy riff driven slice of ka-boom that will stir heart, mind and anywhere else that could do with some life injecting into it. If you were so inclined, you could say it will ‘fire’ you up, but we’re not so let’s ignore that pun entirely. Full of edgy and visceral energy, it has two words for Monday morning lethargy (the first one rhymes with ‘truck’) so get it on, get it loud and get the week by the balls and say ‘you’re mine’. Monday mornings, you’re done.

The ‘Fire’ EP is due for release on 20 May and you can catch the trio at a handful of UK dates in the next few weeks. Details below.

Catch Velvet Two Stripes in the UK
Thursday 2nd May – Good Sex @ Proud Gallery, London.
Thursday 16th May – The Great Escape Festival. Brighton
Thursday16th May – Avondale House, Southampton
Saturday 18th May – The Great Escape Festival. Brighton
Sunday 25th August – Damn Dead Circus Festival, Essex

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One Response to “Listen: Velvet Two Stripes – “Fire””

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 19:28 #

    its a bit on the stabby side of hard-girl rocker music for me but i appreciate what you wrote and you say it nicer 🙂

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