Review: Olympians – Adventure Gun EP

29 Apr

Olympians Adventure Gun

Some people see the world differently, some float from day to day letting life happen around them while others grab life with two hands and make things happen to them. Others over analyse and worry, they fret about that which hasn’t happened but others can manage to avoid worry altogether, even when their world is crumbling around them. With their latest EP, Adventure Gun, Norwich’s own Olympians prove once again that which we always knew, they see life and they understand it.

Different forms of existence are analysed as mundane and futilely hopeful dreams (“Filling My Heart”) are juxtaposed with isolation and a reluctance to open your eyes to the world (“Mountains”). They capture the banality of life in a beautiful sonic collage of melody and psychedelic vibes.

Over the course of their successful and ingenious Book Club releases last year, these Olympians showed an increasing maturity and confidence in their music and writing. Each of their four releases surpassed its predecessor in scope and quality. This run could have been under threat with the news that their drummer was leaving at the end of last year, but rather than cower away, the guys took a new approach while recruiting for a replacement. They chose to record as they went, building layer upon layer and the result is a collection of expertly crafted and intricate songs. Not all of them are new, but those that have been revisited from before sound fresh and vibrant alongside their younger siblings.

While there has been a definite evolution in the writing and recording process, the distinctive Olympians sound remains infused within. Not least in the vocal arrangements which we love so much. Harmonies are built and entwined, the vocals sounding soft and warm, even when the lyrics are anything but. Only Olympians could make lines like “We sure did make a fucking mess”; “I work a horrible job every day and I believe/music is truth or things like that/what a stupid asshole”; ”Vomiting, I’m vomiting, vomiting over my head” and “You spend your whole life inside watching shit nature documentaries on TV” sound so endearing. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Adventure Gun is another example of Olympians growing maturity and confidence as both songwriters and musicians. By rights it should both continue their ascent into the public’s consciousness and should feature heavily in end of year lists across the blog world.

The ‘Adventure Gun’ EP is out now on Barely Regal Records and available digitally as well as on limited edition, handmade CD.

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One Response to “Review: Olympians – Adventure Gun EP”

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 19:31 #

    a bit like the loopy bits that the Beautiful South didnt dare release. mmmmm.
    i like what you write about them though 😀 😀

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