Watch: Strangers – “Something New”

30 Apr

Strangers Something New

For “Something New”, Strangers have brought us a video that incorporates something a little older in style. Given that the song deals with the rush and excitement of a new relationship/sexual encounter in its lyrics; “The sound of our hearts/The beat of a drum/Can feel the heat/As we follow the sun/Kiss me again/It feels like something new”; and that its promo pics featured the guys and a rather scantily clad (she actually looks rather nude) young lady, we were expecting a video whose content was perhaps a little naughty. We were wrong.

Featuring a contemporary and presumably interpretive dance, choreographed and performed by Jess Roberts, the mostly monochrome visuals provide a stark accompaniment to the shadowy noir-pop of the track. With not-so subliminal flashes of lyrics occurring occasionally and splashes of rainbow colours outlining both the words and the fluid movements, the result is akin to Pan’s People (or person) on crack. With her billowing skirt and tumbling tresses, Roberts is like an LSD Kate Bush, swirling and twirling to the sounds of Strangers. It’s surprisingly great and addictive to watch.

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One Response to “Watch: Strangers – “Something New””

  1. name not supplied June 18, 2013 at 19:33 #

    this is really chart happy, i do like this track lots.

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