Review: Guards – In Guards We Trust

3 May


If it feels like the debut album from New York’s Guards has taken an age to get here, well it’s probably because it has. The band arrived to mucho buzz and excitement with their debut Guards EP in 2010 which they then followed with the brilliant single, “Do It Again”, in 2011 but, while there have been the occasional track or video online, we haven’t had a formal release since. The wait has probably been even more keenly felt in the UK where we have had to be patient for a couple of extra months than fans in America, who got In Guards We Trust back in February.

Perhaps they were just waiting for all that hideous weather we had to disappear and a little bit of sunshine to come peeping through before they were ready to share what is a summer lovin’, pop filled and indie anthem blasting album. The whole thing is coated liberally with sunny, hazy guitar sounds, reverb and distortion as far as the eye can see as the rhythms bounce and boogie along underneath. In fact it is surprisingly dancesome, with big infectious grooves making you want to get up and move in the sunshine, beer in one hand, BBQ’d burger in the other.

There are elements of soul and old fashioned rhythm and blues buried deep within, as well as bright 60’s pop, but these are faint echoes when contrasted with the vastness of sing song indie that threatens to overwhelm. That it doesn’t, says a lot for Guards ability to balance the scales just so, but it is a close run thing. The album does start to struggle for variety a little towards the end and you do start to feel that a couple of different ideas would be nice to hear. That shouldn’t detract from the listener’s enjoyment though and there is definitely much to enjoy. The jump-up-and-downness of opening track, “Nightmare”; the hand in the air sing-a-long fun of “Ready To Go” and the Gabriel Bruce-esque sounds of “I Know It’s You”, all are fantastic and stand up to many, many plays.

As a whole, In Guards We Trust feels like it is perhaps a little bit overlong but the bright, reverb dripped sounds will keep you smiling and dancing this summer, provided it doesn’t hammer down with rain for weeks on end of course.

’In Guards We Trust’ is out now and available from iTunes.

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One Response to “Review: Guards – In Guards We Trust”

  1. name not supplied August 1, 2013 at 21:55 #

    this song is too festival ready, bare feet and beer in hand 🙂

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