Listen: MS MR – “Hurricane” (Chvrches Remix)

7 May

MS MR - Chvrches

So there we were, at home on a normal Friday evening like any other. The junior Alphabet Bands were asleep and all was quiet but for the sounds escaping the inbox and various media players on the laptop. Then, all of a sudden Chvrches popped up with a ‘check out what we did’ type message and our ears and minds were in heaven.

Their remix of MS MR‘s “Hurricane” is something else entirely, not just thumping beats and wompah- wompah bass added to the original. Oh no, not even slightly. So taken aback were we that we had to spend the whole weekend listening to it to be sure it was truly as good as we thought. It was, so we listened to it again all Monday as well.

Like the reveal of garish technicolor in The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy goes on her glitter injected, rainbow covered killing spree, the remix is a move from the darkness and into an altogether more bright and bouncy fantastical world. While the lyrics and content remain the same (if ever so slightly speeded up) the tone has shifted. Where once there was glitchy noir-pop there is now a full on 80’s disco banger. It’s sugar-rush introspection and we bloody love it.

One Response to “Listen: MS MR – “Hurricane” (Chvrches Remix)”

  1. name not supplied August 1, 2013 at 21:58 #

    this is 17 kinds of amazing!

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