Review: Misty Miller – Next To You EP

16 May

Misty Miller Anything For You

At just 19 years old, Misty Miller has already crammed more into her musical career than some artists manage in a lifetime. Her debut album of ukulele-based folkiness, released when she was just 16, had many a muso jumping up and down in delight and comparisons to the likes of Laura Marling soon came flooding in. Since then though a change has occured and Misty is now all about ripped jeans, a fun-filled ‘folk that’ attitude and high octane bluesy rock. It’s quite the musical turnaround but given the quality of her latest EP, Next To You, it is one that was well worth making.

Her voice overflows with depth, passion and maturity. It is a powerful weapon in an extensive armoury and one which belies her youth. Much like her songwriting, which at times echoes the simple emotional resonance of The Airborne Toxic Event’s Mikel Jollett and conveys both youthful exuberance and world worn wisdom. They are damn catchy too.

“Next To You”, complete with its pulsating and grinding surf-guitars, and “Anything For You” are both full on, in your face, jump up and down, break stuff, blues infused pop rock gems. Both too are full of sing a long moments, get under your skin riffs and complete and utter play it loud and again-ability.

It is the softer, more soulful and wistful “Wait” that threatens to steal the show though. It exudes hope and fear, bleak optimism, love and death all delivered in a breathy, heart-wrenching lament. A lament than none-the-less features some “ooo, woo-ooo” moments that will give you a Cheshire cat grin without you even realising. You’ll also find it seeping back into your consciousness a long time after you’ve stopped listening.

That said, the slow and powerful grind of “Tea In China” is pretty special as well.

Miller is quite the talent and Next To You is a brilliant showcase for her. It will make you dance, leap about, sway, smile and maybe even cry. This is her second recent EP and while she has changed musical direction since her debut album, we can only hope she continues to embrace this newer side, as it sure does rock our world.

The ‘Next To You’ EP is out on 2 June on Relentless Records and available to pre-order here.

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One Response to “Review: Misty Miller – Next To You EP”

  1. name not supplied August 1, 2013 at 22:09 #

    its like country music, if country music was actually good and not always about driving through the night in a rusty pick up truck because your man was sleeping with a barmaid or whatever…..

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