Free Download: The Disraeli Gears – “Mother, I”

17 May

Disraeli Gears

Set phasers to ‘fuzzy’, Alphabet Band members The Disraeli Gears are back with another slice of deliciously hazy, prog-injected indie rock. Featuring the now trademark guitar jangles and blurred lines, “Mother, I” also comes with additional world-angst and greater urgency than we are used to from the London/Leeds/South African quartet.

Teia Fregona’s vocals float out once more but in a dark, confessional and eerie mood. The track flickers and dances like candlelit shadows on the wall but as it builds so does the tension. On “Back of my Eyes”, the band played with drama that rose and fell like the tide, here it climbs like a tower of blocks just waiting for a toddler to send it crashing to the floor below. Crash it does too; frustration, desperation, anger and the feeling of hitting rock bottom all come wailing out as the song builds to a great Jackson Pollock painting crescendo of sound and emotion.

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One Response to “Free Download: The Disraeli Gears – “Mother, I””

  1. name not supplied August 1, 2013 at 22:13 #

    hailing from the Great North, i can well believe she’d sell her lungs. we are Rock you know. nice words from you n all. i even know Jackson Pollock aint just rhyming slang 😀

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