Listen: Chvrches – “Gun”

28 May


It’s taken us a little longer than most, but recently we found ourselves in a similar position to a lot of bloggers out there. Big cheesy grins on faces, bounce in the step, infectious warmth seeping from our every pore and brightening the day of all those around us (well, perhaps not that last one…) and it was all due to one thing. We had at last, fallen hard for the wee Scottish electro-popper’s extraordinaire, Chvrches.

The Recover EP was bought and loved so we knew these guys were good, then the MS MR remix came out and our jaw dropped in gleeful wonder and then, then we got to see them live at The Great Escape (complete with lasers and Lauren’s broken hand) and good was no longer a suitable adjective, they are more than that, they are ‘byspale’*. One week on, not that our affections have dulled at all, the trio have seen fit to ensure that all new lovers remain infatuated and have stuck another track up for the world to get a little bit moist over.

“Gun” is another sublime piece of uplifting and catchy as anything electro-poppery that bounces along like a game of hopscotch in the playground. The beat crashes happily along with 808 style drums, cymbals and handclaps splashing like a digital stone thrown across virtual squares with non-binary numbers written in them. The synths skip hand in hand with Lauren’s so-sweet, sometimes breathy and occasionally almost demure vocals, dancing into the drums before the track quietens down at the end of the grid, then spins on one leg and laughing merrily away as it hops back again. Aurally it embraces twinkling highs and wobbly, bassy lows and pretty much hits everywhere in between.

Play it in the car, play it in your house, play it at work and cheer your colleagues up, it doesn’t really matter where you play it, as long as you do so that soon, you too will be in love and have a (banging, synthed-up electro pop) song in your heart.

The debut Chvrches album is due out in September. Anyone else feeling like that is a ridiculously long time away right now?

*It’s Scottish for wonderful, so Google tells us.

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One Response to “Listen: Chvrches – “Gun””

  1. name not supplied August 1, 2013 at 22:23 #

    they are so bouncy and skippity hoppity, like bunnies on acid.

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