Listen: All We Are – “Utmost Good”

29 May

When last we met Liverpool’s All We Are (almost a year ago in fact), they had recently returned from spending some weeks holed up in an isolated cabin, lost within the wilds of a Norwegian forest. They said at the time that their surroundings had rubbed off on their sound and as a result, their music (as evidenced in single “Cardhouse”) had a particularly isolated, folky feel to it.

As they return now with new single, “Utmost Good”, we can only assume that they have been hanging around in entirely different surroundings. Presumably some underground disco-funk club from the seventies where the lights are as low as the ceilings and a slightly-sweet smelling smoky haze sits motionless above the patrons. Wherever they have been, the shift in musical direction from “Cardhouse” to their latest track, “Utmost Good” is as remarkable as it is wonderful.

From the moment that woozy, chilled out bass line comes ambling along you know you’re not in Kansas (or Norway) anymore. It grooves like the coolest hepcat in the coolest part of the city, not a care in the world. Imagine the slowest strut you can but not so slow that it loses any semblance of cool, that’s this bassline. It’s a white-suited John Travolta walking down the street at half-speed. Not far behind in the mellow stakes and just as funky is the simple beat that nudges your shoulders from side to side while the trio sing lovely falsetto shapes. The whole thing makes for quite a superb piece of dreamy psychedelic laid back funk that’ll make you want to break out the lava lamps, joss sticks and giant yin yang tapestries.

“Utmost Good” will be released via Obsenic on 17 June 2013 and the vinyl can be pre-ordered here.

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One Response to “Listen: All We Are – “Utmost Good””

  1. name not supplied August 1, 2013 at 22:24 #

    lovin the vibes on this

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