Free Download: Air Marshal Landing – “Move With You”

30 May

Air Marshall Landing

Filed under ‘Radio Ready’ in the secret (and vast) underground bunker o’tunes that we bloggers frequent to find new music to share with you, come Canadian trio Air Marshal Landing. On discovering where the band was from our mind immediately began to wander, off to the magical world of Nicer America, where there is a donut shop on every corner, moosehead beer on tap at every bar and where every meal comes with a side of bacon and maple syrup.

Sadly these Canadian stereotypes are not true and their police don’t all ride horses either, nor do they say ‘eh?’ at the end of every sentence. Saddened that such a utopia does not exist and on the cusp of plunging into a deep depression, we clicked play on “Move With You”, th opening track of their forthcoming album, You Used To Be Me.

Thank goodness we did as well for the abyss that threatened to swallow us whole soon vanished and was replaced with a sense of optimism. There may not be a Tim Horton’s on every corner of Canada’s streets (every other corner though right?), but at least the country is still producing some quality music.

These three guys Matt Simmonds (bass, keys, vocals, guitars), Cory Adrian (guitars, vocals, bass) and Graham Drummond (drums, synth, percussion) seem to have a very happy go lucky approach to life, describing their music as infectious (like laughter, not disease) and making reference in their bio to various japes and jokes they like to share with fans. This light-heartedness comes through in “Move With You”, a summer-lovin’ hybrid indie-pop-rocker that whips along and works its way under your skin. The elongation of words within the verses in particular provoke a smile or seven and you’ll find yourself humming “teach me a rhythm and I’ll tryyyyyy to move, tryyyyyy to move” just to bob your head to match the undulation of tryyyyyy.

It stirs a familiar feeling within, not quite aural déjà vu, more that it triggers a pleasant sense of recognition. It’s a feeling that could well be quite common by the end of the summer as this deserves a fair bit of radio play once the sun comes out and the days brighten.

You can get a free download of “Move With You” here.

You Used To Be Me is released on 4 June and can be pre-ordered directly from the band.

Stalk Air Marshal Landing: Website / Facebook / Twitter

One Response to “Free Download: Air Marshal Landing – “Move With You””

  1. name not supplied August 1, 2013 at 22:26 #

    its a groovy lovely track, i like it

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