Listen: TV Girl – “She Smokes In Bed”

31 May

TV Girl

UK readers of a certain age will no doubt have seen enough episodes of classic Saturday night hospital TV show, Casualty to know that smoking in bed can only lead to agony, anguish and melodrama. Despite coming from San Diego, the always wonderful TV Girl must have seen the odd episode or two as their latest release is a clearly a warning to all of the perils of late night smoking whilst snuggled up. It’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than an hour of Charlie and Duffy and the like getting worked up by a lack of bandages in the store cupboard.

Steeped in the lo fi, hazy throwback sounds of summers long since past that TV Girl do so well, “She Smokes In Bed” is a gloriously fuzzy piece of indie infused retro-pop. It brings to mind old cine-film of people enjoying a fun fair, candy floss on the carousel, laughing at the scares on the ghost train, that sort of thing, all captured on picture that is slightly wobbly and degraded around the edges. The song’s bright and breezy aural qualities are not matched by the tale it tells. No, much like you know exactly what will happen to the kid who plays on an abandoned building site (or whatever other set-up they are using this week) at the beginning of Casualty, it is all too clear what fate will befall Mary in this sardonic story of a woman who cares little for her own well being.

“She Smokes In Bed” is taken from the new TV Girl EP, Lonely Women, which will be out 18 June. You can pre-order the EP here and even get it on a limited edition (only 150) cassette if you so wish.

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One Response to “Listen: TV Girl – “She Smokes In Bed””

  1. name not supplied August 1, 2013 at 22:28 #

    ah, ironically I was thinking about this very song today and look what I found on your super super website! Here it is! but yeah, dont smoke in bed. bad things will happen. its a good song though

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