Watch: Caveman – “In The City”

3 Jun


Every city has its dark side, it’s hidden underbelly that operates beyond the realm of normal, decent society. The trick for its law-abiding inhabitants and visitors, is to steer clear of it. Don’t go looking for it, and hope it doesn’t come looking for you.

Pity then poor Julia Stiles, yes that one – award winning actress Julia Stiles, for on her travels to New York in the video for Caveman‘s “In The City”, not only does the darkness come looking for her, it leaves its mark in the night. Whilst she and her significant other are off enjoying the sights and sounds of the Big Apple, plans have been made and put into operation that gradually cut away at her enthusiasm, excitement and general well being. All the while, Caveman’s dreamy fuzziness washes along in the background. The wooziness of the guitars mirrored by Stiles as she struggles to cope with what is happening and what she worries might be causing it. It’s dark, but it’s very good.

“In The City” is taken from Caveman’s eponymous sophomore album, which is out now on Fat Possum Records and can be ordered here.

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One Response to “Watch: Caveman – “In The City””

  1. name not supplied August 19, 2013 at 22:52 #

    did Miss Stiles have a pending I.O.U to the band/director? I liked the video, just not sure why her….but the creepy video is good 🙂

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