Free Download: Breen – “Say What You Want”

13 Jun


We are not exactly what you might call connoisseurs of the hip-hop world but to our untrained eyes and ears, it would appear that the recent trend for big, brash and flashing the cash is largely done. Instead things are moving to a more subtle, downtempo and electronic vibe. While we obviously worry about what will become of all the ‘bitches n da club’ now that ghetto rap is taking its turn on the backburner, we are not lamenting its loss. Not when we have such a multitude and diversity of artists peddling a different and altogether more palatable sound.

Joining the likes of Joel Compass is Leeds/London based newcomer, writer/producer Matt Lamb, aka Breen. He recently posted his debut track online and it really gets under your skin.

“Say What You Want” blends indie, electronica and R’n’B elements into a sedate yet tumultuous sound. Like a special effect where the surface water is still and calm, yet beneath you can see smoke or fantastical elements swirling and rumbling together.

There is dark and thundery feeling within it. A feeling of unease, of imminent terror, of knowing that something is coming, but having no idea what it is. Like the feeling you are being watched. Lamb’s vocals veer towards falsetto at times, counterbalancing his otherwise low tones which flit from the smooth to spiky all of which adds to the sense of foreboding. Like some beautiful violence is a mere moment away.

Evidently there is an EP on the way in the near future, until then we’ll just keep listening to this and looking over our shoulder, just to be sure no one is actually watching us after all.

Click the player below to get your free download.

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One Response to “Free Download: Breen – “Say What You Want””

  1. name not supplied August 19, 2013 at 23:49 #

    powerful and emotive, i like it

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