Watch: Chvrches – “Gun”

15 Jun


It’s been a couple of weeks now since Chvrches unleashed their latest electro-pop behemoth into the world since when it has gone on a glorious rampage of joy and euphoria. The love for this band isn’t abating in the slightest, at last count a ridiculous 81 Hype Machine registered blogs had posted “Gun” and they keep coming. Obviously keen to keep this remarkable level of adulation going, our three objet d’amore have unveiled a psychedelic video to accompany it.

When we heard “Gun”, we likened it to a game of hopscotch, all bouncy and uplifting. Sadly the visuals Chvrches have chosen for us do not feature skipping and throwing stones, instead they embrace another fond childhood memory, playing with a kaleidoscope.

Bright lights, mirror effects, pixelation that actually makes you think your computer is running a little slow all feature heavily, along with silhouettes aplenty and some groovy choreographed boogying. It’s 80’s cheese effects and Bond titles sequence on speed with a still-sounds-amazing soundtrack. It is little wonder the world is currently worshipping at the alter of a new Chvrch.

“Gun” will be released digitally and on vinyl on 14 July. The single will also feature on Chvrches debut album, ‘The Bones Of What You Believe’ which is due out via Virgin/Goodbye records on 23 September in the UK, and the following day in North America via Glassnote.

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One Response to “Watch: Chvrches – “Gun””

  1. name not supplied August 19, 2013 at 23:51 #

    i think its more hopscotchy too

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