Free Download: Chains – “Poison Me Alice”

25 Jun


Here’s a little something from a band we don’t know much about. Chains are something quite new from down Suffolk way (though we won’t hold that against them) who describe themselves as a “Small town independent acoustic band” who are “making mellow music”. That’s as much as they have told the world so far. Thankfully Google is our friend and a little digging reveals that two of the trio were recently in another mellow band, Young Blood who gigged around Suffolk performing acoustic tracks and covers. We have no idea if that four-piece are still going but vocalist Robyn Glass and bassist Tyler Darrington are certainly at least moonlighting as Chains, along with Harley Wright who provides guitar strumming and additional vocals.

Recorded as a demo in their bedroom, “Poison Me Alice” is the one and only track Chains have up online so far but it’s a gem. Robyn’s vocals are mystical and enchanting, the controlled emotion is both beautiful and deadly like icicles. The Wonderland motif is there of course, “Eat Me/Drink Me/Poison Me Alice”, and like the heroine of Lewis Carroll’s psychedelic fairy tale, the song is lost and lonely. It’s a moment of calm acceptance in a crazy world of confusion and impossibility. Minimalist in its instrumentation, it’s all about the harmonies and emotional undercurrent, the restrained and reserved undercurrent that sounds like it is desperate to break free from its, well, chains. It’s a beautiful sadness, like watching the last unicorn die of heartbreak.

“Poison Me Alice” is available now as a free download from their Soundcloud page. Chains debut 4 track EP ‘AIWS’ will be coming out this summer.

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One Response to “Free Download: Chains – “Poison Me Alice””

  1. name not supplied August 19, 2013 at 23:59 #

    it is a sad song, but nicely written about

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