Listen: The R.P Murphys – “Mudpunch”

25 Jul


Is that summer over and done with then? We had a couple of weeks of blistering heat so that sounds about right. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

It’s a shame really as there are more and more summer friendly tracks out and about for us all to enjoy, one which we had planned to feature a while ago but are only just getting round to now (sorry guys) is “Mudpunch” by the young Norwich based indie-pop-rockers, The R.P Murphys (named after the Jack Nicholson character, R.P McMurphy, in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest incidentally).

Ironically, with such an evocative title, listening to “Mudpunch” conjures up neither images of mud or punches. Rather the opening riff calls back to The Who, talking about another generation altogether, before playful guitar twangles that should be soundtracking a montage of the band messing about on a boat on the Broads kick in. It’s all smiles and larks showcased via fuzzy edges and light sheen on the screen. The slightly more depressing, yet optimistic, video they made to accompany the song works really well too mind you.

The vocals on this three minute long slice of summery indie-pop are suitably cool, especially when juxtaposed with the more frenetic and bouncy guitar lines and rhythms, and feel a little out of reach, like they are being sung through a screen door. Though it is worth noting that live renditions are anything but cool or soft, with a very vocal and enthusiastic (some might say rowdy) fanbase already established in our fine city, gigs can get quite sweaty and rawkus, which is exactly how they should be for indie up and comers such as The R.P Murphys.

“Mudpunch” is available now on a ‘pay what you want’ deal via The R.P Murphys’ Bandcamp page or free download from the player below.

Stalk the R.P.Murphys: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

One Response to “Listen: The R.P Murphys – “Mudpunch””

  1. Name not supplied October 31, 2013 at 14:56 #

    It is well bouncy like space hoppering on a bouncy castle!

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