Watch: Vuvuvultures – “Steel Bones”

25 Jul

VVV Steel Bones

With the release of their debut album just days away (Monday 29 July, mark it in the diary people) the always amazing Vuvuvultures have just posted the video for its first single, “Steel Bones”.

As you’d expect from the VVV gang it looks fantastic but unlike past videos there doesn’t appear to be much going on that is weird or out of the ordinary. At first glance it appears that some sleazeball has obviously done our heroes wrong and as a result is getting royally fucked up by some hooded and masked assailants in an underground car park. But as is always the way with Vuvuvultures, there is something else going on underneath it all.

We spoke to the band about the video a short while ago for the Planet of Sound show on Future Radio, so we’ll let them explain the concept in more detail and how it differs from their other videos. Then you can you watch it yourself and see what they meant. Pay attention to the eyes when you do…

Here’s the video, be warned it’s mildly NSFW, depending on how your boss feels about a couple of quick glimpses of Harmony’s arse.

Vuvuvultures debut album “Push/Pull” will be out via Energy Snake Records / Cadiz on 29 July. “Steel Bones” is out now and can be bought here.

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One Response to “Watch: Vuvuvultures – “Steel Bones””

  1. Name not supplied October 31, 2013 at 14:53 #

    I like the interviews you do, nice to hear what they are like too. You should put more talking interviews up on the site.

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