Listen: The Ramona Flowers – “Brighter”

29 Jul

Ramona Flowers Brighter

You may recall a few months ago, March to be exact, that we got rather excited by The Ramona Flowers and their (then) latest track, ”Lust and Lies”. They were also rather excellent on the same bill as MS MR and Bastille and have continued to forge something of a reputation for themselves as well as attracting the remix talents of Ladytron and Hot Chip. Hell, we liked them so much that we even interviewed them for The 405. Now the boys from Bristol have returned with another new track, due out in September, and it’s another cracker.

Where “Lust and Lies” was quite chilled and ambient in sound, “Brighter” is, well, brighter really. If “Lust and Lies” was a sunset, then “Brighter” is the sunrise, bathing the ground in light and warmth. It’s a bold, anthemic piece of folktronic-pop music; a pop cascade with keys, electronics and banjolele style sounds pouring out and bouncing off the glitter ball Sun which sparkles and reaches out across all it can see and beyond. Hell, it would even reach out to the dark shadowy place beyond Pride Rock where the hyenas live.

Big and infectious, “Brighter” suggests a bright future for the guys named after a Scott Pilgrim character and one that should enhance their reputation even further. Evidently they will soon be announcing a headline tour of their own and while we don’t have details yet, we do know that residents of our own Fine City of Norwich will get to see them at the Arts Centre on 16 September. We’ll see you there.

”Brighter” will be released on Distiller Records on 9 September and the EP will include remixes from Everything Everything and Mt. Wolf.

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One Response to “Listen: The Ramona Flowers – “Brighter””

  1. Name not supplied October 31, 2013 at 14:59 #

    Saw these play live and they were pretty cool actually

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