Track of the Day: De Verre – “Mad”

8 Aug

De Verre

Like the heady aroma from large and particularly potent bunch of flowers, the debut single from Californian five-piece De Verre is intoxicating and leaves the listener feeling a little giddy and light-headed. “Mad” slinks and slides along, sounds rub gently against one another as the breathy, orgasmic vocals float out like a siren’s call, drawing us in, lovestruck under its spell.

Speaking to Popdose, singer Alice explained “‘Mad’ as a demo was erotic. We wanted to intoxicate the listener with provocative thoughts. We like to make people feel a little uncomfortable”.

Provocative is right, it’s hotter than a sauna with steamy and sultry lyrics shared in gasped moments of ecstasy.

”Call out my name/Tell me you want me the same/You want me the same.
I’m outta my mind/Your lips on my skin/Live this sin/Breathe it in/Breathe me in”.

The track swoops and dives, it undulates salaciously, sensually. Captivating like watching glitter fall through an hour glass, its hypnotic the way music and vocal entwine like two bodies becoming as one. You almost feel like a voyeur listening to “Mad”, and that’s before you see the video.

Ah yes, the video. For it is not just the track that is provocative either; the video is pretty steamy and sensual with no small amount of cavorting in underwear and, err, getting to know one another. Ahem. Though you are left wondering if any of it happened, or is it just a wicked dream?

Even the name of the band is sexy, De Verre (French for glass) was chosen because it represents that moment of intimacy, when you’re at your most vulnerable and your lover can see right through you, like glass.

”Mad” is available as a free download for a limited time from the player below. The video is also below but it’s probably best not to watch this one at work yeah?

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One Response to “Track of the Day: De Verre – “Mad””

  1. Name not supplied November 1, 2013 at 09:40 #

    It’s not safe for work 😉

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