Watch: Rhye – “3 Days”

8 Aug

Rhye - 3 Days

One of our undoubted musical highlights this year was getting to see the wonderful Rhye perform by candlelight in a church. It truly was a magical evening of beautiful sounds in a beautiful setting performed by a superb band, which even featured some brilliant lyrical ad-libbing in the face of potential amp-crackling disaster.

The inventiveness of the Rhye gents isn’t limited to improvisation in a live setting mind you, their videos, for “Open” (both videos) and “The Fall”, are also very clever and fit the songs wonderfully well. Now they are back with another video, for “3 Days”, and this time they have forgone the narrative angle in favour of a ‘found footage’ approach.

When reviewing their album Woman, we called “3 Days” a ”romantic evening in musical form; the cascading harp strings is your lights down low, drinks and meal moments, before the beat gradually and delicately sexes it up for some smoochy dancing…”. It is the latter that the video focuses on with a bevy of old fashioned, black and white ladies cavorting in cabaret and burlesque shows.

While the dancing may not always be in time with the music, just like our own then, it sits perfectly under the smooth, sultriness of the sounds. Take a watch for yourself below but you may want to exercise some discretion about where you do as your boss may not appreciate the bras and the butt jiggling, etc.

Rhye’s debut album, ’Woman’, is out now on Polydor and available digitally or on CD and Vinyl.

via pitchforktv

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  1. Name not supplied November 1, 2013 at 09:37 #

    It’s very pretty

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