Review: MYPET – Reflex EP

14 Aug


A few weeks ago we fell head over heels for Brighton-based Us Baby Bear Bones and their glacial electronica. LA duo MYPET is sculpted from a similar ice block but one that has been seeped in a different kind of darkness, shadows cast not by the macabre but by hitherto unknown creatures. Great mythological beasts from a time long since forgotten that have been frozen for centuries and just recently been thawed out and unleashed on the world.

Comprising bold and compelling rhythms, glitchy electronica and lyrics that are delivered with (bordering on maniacal) relish by singer Amy, MYPET have a sound that feels tribal and animalistic in places. It is exciting, vibrant and full of life. Sinewy electro noodles wind their way around grand, cacophonic beats as vocals rise up, like an arm bursting forth from the grave, seeking liberty from its earthen prison. An arm attached to a magical being that will bring forth the devastation of the world, bathing it in a vast, all encompassing light. It is an eruption of sound that will sweep away all who stands before it.

The high points on their debut EP, Reflex, are numerous and varied. There’s the old Commodore 64 shoot ‘em up style sounds of “Pays To Know”, the skittish and chilling tone of “Bodysnatcher” and the way “Move It Or Lose It” embraces even more glitchiness as it undulates and cavorts salaciously, just to name a few, Each track has three or four moments on their own though and each has an addictive pulse at its core. A tempo that is so hypnotic, beats so compulsive that you will find yourself twitching and moving involuntarily, whenever you hear it, wherever you hear it. Even on a crowded train.

The ‘Reflex’ EP is out now and available on a ‘pay what you like’ deal from the MYPET bandcamp site.

Stalk MYPET: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

One Response to “Review: MYPET – Reflex EP”

  1. Name not supplied November 1, 2013 at 10:20 #

    Sort of oriental I think…nice. Like a panda.

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