Free Download: Children Of Pop – “I Know”

21 Aug


It’s been over two years since we heard from Children Of Pop when debut (and until now only) track ”Charge” was released online. A sublime piece of ethereal, languid and laidback chillwave, “Charge” was one of the most underrated and beautiful tracks of 2011. Now the Children (child?) are back at last with a brand new tune and the sound has evolved somewhat.

The sound may have changed, but the quality has not. We were really quite excited to learn there was a new Children Of Pop tune, and that excitement soon gave way to surprise about what we were hearing, but that too was replaced by excitement once more and delight about the all round awesomeness of the track.

“I Know” isn’t so much an icy mist like its predecessor, more a stop-motion animation made from techno-coloured, retro-modelling clay. The kind of clay that pre-dated safety regulations and could send you higher than Lucy in the Sky on a quick whiff of the fumes. ”take control of your body” the song urges, but that is easier said and done. Especially as psychedelic shapes and images flashing before your eyes as the groovy guitar riffs play amongst the plasticine soundscapes, gnawing on your funky bone (the one that makes your feet tap involuntarily).

Get “I Know” as a free download below or on ‘pay what you like’ from the Children Of Pop bandcamp and let your funky bone do it’s thing.

Stalk Children Of Pop: Facebook / Twitter / Website / Tumblr

One Response to “Free Download: Children Of Pop – “I Know””

  1. Name not supplied November 1, 2013 at 10:42 #

    It’s funky alright

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