Listen: YADi – “Creatures”

22 Aug

YADi Creatures

A couple of months ago YADi had us addicted to ”The Blow”. Before you call the police because you once heard that ‘blow’ is/was a colloquialism for a certain kind of drug, we mean the adrenalin fuelled, hook-laden, slice of pure pop brilliance that was her last single. This month she has us hooked once more, but this time it is on “Creatures” (also a song of course, not some weird obsession with pets or David Attenborough documentaries).

“Creatures” is more laid back than “The Blow” and floatier perhaps. There are soft vocals to whirl alongside the piano and slip inside your subconscious but it’s still a kaleidoscope of colour, drums, piano, synths, beeps, noodles and vocals; like fairground level over stimulation. All the clashing sounds and colours that would seem empty and a bit sad stood alone and empty during the day, but come the night spark into life together to create a formidable creature of carnival creativity, a beast you want to dive right into. There’s even a bit of YADi rap thrown in for good measure, like a bonus prize for getting so many tickets.

It’s great stuff and only further cements her burgeoning reputation as one of the brightest new acts around.

”Creatures” is out today (22 August) on YADi’s own Seven Brother Records and can be bought from iTunes.

UPDATE: The video, which was shot on Super 8 and directed by the super talented Charlotte Rutherford, is now out and you can watch it below.

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One Response to “Listen: YADi – “Creatures””

  1. Name not supplied November 1, 2013 at 11:21 #

    It sounds epic

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