Free Download: Fishdoctor – “Seasons”

23 Aug


First things first, Fishdoctor is great name; for anything really, TV Show, Movie, Art Installation, Play, Aquatic profession and of course, for a band. Which is where this six-piece from Brooklyn come in, for they are Fishdoctor and as far as we know, they have never cupped a goldfish and asked it to cough. They do make pretty great alt-indie-pop tunes though, with their latest being “Seasons”.

Like time-lapse footage of clouds in the sky, “Seasons” moves and changes with, well, the seasons. Moments of brightness, calmness, coolness and lushness all live briefly within the five minutes of the tune, but it is the haziness of the late summer, early autumn evening in which it resides most. It pulses like a heartbeat, pumping fuzzy indie sounds out into the warm indigo sky above. Michael Rommano’s vocals are suitably retro in feel to complement the vague throwback-pop sensibility of the tune and it feels like the aural equivalent of ‘found-footage’ Which is ironic really as Fishdoctor has also just released a new video for previous single, “Atlantic”, which makes use of that very visual style. You can watch it here.

In the meantime, you can get your free download of the wonderful “Seasons” from the player below and no doubt keep it on repeat as summer gives way to autumn.

Stalk Fishdoctor: Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

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