Listen: Sivu – “Over And Over”

26 Aug

Sivu Over And Over

Since Sivu burst, tongue first, into our collective consciousness with the hypnotic and heart-wrenching ”Better Man Than He” in January, we have been increasingly captivated by each one of his releases. Despite playing Norwich on a couple of occasions this year, both while we were away, we thought we’d never get to see him live. Thankfully that was put right at Latitude where we saw him play a fantastic set in a packed tent, set back amongst the woods. We won’t lie, seeing “Better Man Than He” performed live caused a greater twang of our heartstrings then even before.

Having enjoyed his set so much you can imagine how delighted we were to learn that he will be coming to Norwich again as just one of a bevy of amazing acts performing in our Fine City for this year’s Norwich Sound and Vision Festival (much more to come on that in the coming weeks, we promise).

Before then, we have his latest track, “Over And Over”, to keep us going, and yet again it is a fantastically understated and beautiful piece of music.

The rhythm sits softly underneath the chest of the song, a heartbeat gently beating and pulsing, pumping life around the body of melody and vocal. The arrangement is simple, the odd pick of a string and some harmonies, a delicate and fleeting moment creating an oasis of instrumentalism to a wide desert of emotion. As with his previous work, the real delight is in the voice. The way Sivu sings is haunting, there’s ache in the vocal, a tremor of fragility and emotion that gets into your soul. We could listen to it for hours.

”Over And Over” is available as a free download from Sivu’s website.

Stalk Sivu: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

One Response to “Listen: Sivu – “Over And Over””

  1. Name not supplied November 1, 2013 at 11:24 #

    Delicate and pretty isn’t it

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