Listen: A Weekend At The Feelies – “Light”

29 Aug

A Weekend At The Feelies

At the beginning of the month we brought you the ”echoey beauty of fragile synth highs and caressing bass lows” of “Lowly Buzzard”; Jordan Campbell’s first offering as A Weekend At The Feelies. Now as the month draws to a close and summer starts to blend into autumn, we are able to share a new track, the equally languid and misty “Light”.

Soft percussion melts into a smooth and ethereal melody as Campbell’s vocals float in like distant smoke, all wispy and elusive. “Lowly Buzzard” was hardly urgent in tone or sound but “Light” has turned the dial down still further. This is stillness and serenity, a piece of absolute calm just as the light punches through the darkness as dawn breaks across the Arctic for the first time after months of winter. It is delightfully understated, delicate and subtle; it climbs gently, almost imperceptibly, upon you and soothing your mind and soul. It’s a track for late nights, when the world has gone to sleep and, ironically, all the light has gone.

”Light” is out now and available to download alongside “Lowly Buzzard” for the bargain price of £0. That’s right, they are both currently free from the A Weekend At The Feelies soundcloud page. You best get them now before they are all gone.

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One Response to “Listen: A Weekend At The Feelies – “Light””

  1. Name not supplied November 1, 2013 at 11:30 #

    You write some lovely pictures here 🙂

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