Premiere: Strangers – “Don’t Lie To Me”

1 Sep

Strangers Don't Lie To Me

It’s the first of the month and for music lovers, and lovers of synth-poppery at its finest in particular, that can only mean one thing. It’s Strangers free download day and we are delighted to bring you the first play of their brand new track, “Don’t Lie To Me”.

We did say it was Strangers’ free download-day today, which technically it isn’t. You may have noticed that those generous lads from London gave us all another free download a couple of days ago, a suitably dark and broody cover of the Arctic Monkeys’ “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?, (which you can also stream below). So this means that, while you can stream “Don’t Lie To Me” to your heart’s content, it won’t be available for download for a couple of days.

It’s worth waiting for and here the guys are showcasing something of a different side, a ‘don’t fuck with me coz I’m on to your game’ side. “Don’t Lie To Me” is much more aggressive than any of their previous tunes, it’s big and brassy (in the Northern sense, not that it features a legion of Tuba’s) and full of attitude. It’s a giant sneer of contempt of a track; a Jerry Springer confrontation of a song complete with scornful laughter and a finger snapping, heel turning beat.

The synth sound and oh-so-slightly bluesy rhythm is made for a dark, sweaty club of dancers to lose their collective shit over as they groove and jump to the beat. Electronic swooshes and otherworldly echo effects give “Don’t Lie To Me” another layer of darkness to the already moody, soap-opera tone but the main aspect is, as with all Strangers tunes, just how damn infectious and compulsive it is. The hook will stay with you for days and heaven help anyone who dares mislead you in the near future as you will probably find yourself singing the chorus in their face. Still, if all telling-off’s sounded this good, we’d misbehave more often.

“Don’t Lie To Me” continues Strangers’ super six-month giveaway following previous two freebies, “No Longer Lost” and ”Sense Of Liberty”. Their Arctic Monkeys cover is below and it can be downloaded for free here.

Stalk Strangers: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

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