Free Download: Children Of Pop – “All This Love”

6 Sep


You wait two years for a new Children Of Pop tune and lo and behold, two come along in the space of a couple of weeks. After the techo-coloured blaze of groovy guitars that swirled and jangled in ”I Know”, we are returned once more to the languid intangible mists from whence debut track, ”Charge” came from.

“All This Love” has an eerie liquidity about it, like a murky lagoon with imperceptible shapes swimming amongst the reeds and rocks below or an abandoned carousel, distressed and worn. The elements all blend and swirl together with the vocal reverberating like a tuning fork within fog. There is a playful darkness to it, a shadow behind the innocent emotion wrapped up in the rippling melody and repetitious vocals.

It’s beautifully creepy and we love it and the way the Children Of Pop sound never stays still. We can’t wait to hear what is coming next, and it looks like we might not have to wait too long to find out.

”All This Love” is currently available as a free download from the player below. It also appears to be taken from a forthcoming Children Of Pop album, ‘Fiesta/Drift’, which we believe will be released this month.

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