Blog Birthday, bands and a big announcement.

12 Sep

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, etc etc.

Here we are again, now celebrating two years to the day of blogging goodness and fun as the Alphabet Bands you know and love. It’s been a cracking year and (we hope you agree) the blog keeps getting better and better. Certainly we are having a lot of fun writing it and things have certainly changed a heck of a lot in the last twelve months. We’ve certainly come a long way from posting random news stories and getting excited about getting 5 whole email submissions a day.

Forgive us this moment of blatant self indulgence but let’s have a quick canter through some of those changes before we get on to the really good stuff.

  • Since we posted our Blog Manifesto on our first birthday (the tenants of which still hold true btw) we have posted another 278 articles for you to enjoy.
  • We were (randomly and alongside many others) nominated for Blog of the Year at the Record of the Day awards.
  • We have appeared on Amazing Radio (and will be back – hopefully – on a regular basis) and Future Radio a couple of times.
  • We started a successful and (we think) hugely entertaining feature called Tracks of my Teens.
  • We put on our first ever Alphabet Bands Presents… evening, with help from the wonderful crews at Planet of Sound and Open Norwich and featuring blog crushes Vuvuvultures as well as local acts Box of Light (for their first ever live show) and Horse Party.
  • Not bad really, not massive but a reasonable amount we think you will agree. Actually, there is a little more to tell you about and that is something that is coming up, something we are extremely excited about.

    Last October we attended the annual Norwich Sound and Vision Festival and loved every minute of it. As well as all the fun we had, we came away thinking how much we’d love to be a part of the festival in the future.

    Well, we can now reveal (announcement klaxon) that this year, we are!

    That’s right. At this year’s Norwich Sound and Vision Festival, on Saturday 12 October at Olives to be exact, there will be an Alphabet Bands Stage and we couldn’t be happier with the line-up we’ve got playing. All three acts have featured on the blog and we adore each of them like they were bands we really really love. Wanna know who they are? Here’s a poster:

    NSV Poster 4

    We say we are excited but really that is an understatement, especially when you consider just how amazing the bands are and how amazing this year’s festival as a whole looks. We’ll preview it in more detail nearer the time but just go and see who else has been confirmed to play. Ghostpoet, Drenge, Foxes, Pawws, Sivu, No Ceremony, Superfood, AlunaGeorge, the list goes on and on.

    We heartily recommend picking up a festival wristband so you can see as many of the acts across the three days as possible. Do that and entry to our gig will be free, or alternatively you can rock up to Olives on the night and just pay £3 on the door!

    We’ll leave you with a taste of each of our featured bands and look forward to see you on 12 October.

    Stalk Waylayers: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

    Stalk Strangers: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

    Stalk Curxes: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

    2 Responses to “Blog Birthday, bands and a big announcement.”

    1. Nick September 12, 2013 at 12:10 #

      Awesome stuff, Adam!

      • Adam H September 12, 2013 at 17:49 #

        Thanks Nick, appreciate it.

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