Listen: Public Service Broadcasting – “Night Mail”

12 Sep

PSB Night Mail

It’s been quite a year for the charming gents of Public Service Broadcasting already. Their stunningly enjoyable (and educational) debut album stormed the UK top 40 and was nominated for independent album of the year (as well as breakthrough artist) at the recent AIM Awards. Bizarrely, in our opinion, it wasn’t nominated for the Mercury Prize but when you look at the list of albums that didn’t make it, they are in good company.

One award they weren’t nominated for was hardest working band, which beggars belief when you consider their never-ending gig schedule and the number of high quality releases they have put out in the last 12 months or so.

In fact, it is another stellar release that gives us cause to wax lyrical about them once more today as Messrs Willgoose and Wrigglesworth are putting out our favourite track from Inform – Educate – Entertain on 4 November, “Night Mail”. There will also be a video which, as far as we can tell, may even feature the duo themselves rather than just archive footage!

Built around words from the 1936 documentary film of the same name, and the W.H. Auden poem, also of the same name, “Night Mail” is a prime example of what makes Public Service Broadcasting so damn special. It’s not that they use the audio; it’s how they use the audio and how they create and arrange the music to complement and enhance it. To tell a story and give a sense of emotion and connection between words, music and listener.

Auden’s poem itself clatters along with the rhythm, tempo and cadence of a steam train charging through the countryside so it is only right that “Night Mail” does the same. In the same way that “Signal 30” careers recklessly around like a car on the verge of an accident, “Night Mail” remains very much on the tracks, moving relentlessly, excitingly forwards with majestic, rolling scenery all around it. It’s fantastic and as the conductor yells “now” and the train whistle blares out, guitars and drums meet in a perfect storm of controlled energy and ambition as the track steams along.

We love it, all aboard!

”Night Mail” will be released on various formats on 4 Nov and the duo are also releasing a DVD of the album which will feature all the videos, live performances and extras. You can pre-order the DVD now and the first 200 copies will be signed by the band.

’Inform – Educate – Entertain’ is out now and can be bought digitally here or on CD/Vinyl here.

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