Listen: Swimming Lessons – “Warm Sheets”

13 Sep

Swimming Lessons

Summer appears to have come to an abrupt halt in these last few days hasn’t it? Stifling heat and glorious bright sunshine has been replaced by clouds, rain, bleakness and a general feeling of meh-ness. Shorts and summer dresses have been replaced with jumpers and tights and for the kids, holidays are over and it is back to school time; back to lessons.

Appropriate then that Swimming Lessons (Ben Lewis) should choose this time of year to release his latest track, “Warm Sheets”, as they are just what you need on these cold nights and swimming lessons are what the youngest Alphabet Band sproglet will be re-starting this weekend. Don’t you just love how music connects everything? Even if said connection is ridiculously tenuous.

We loved Lewis’s “Double” when he put it online earlier in the year and “Warm Sheets” is a fantastic follow-up. If Angels formed a pop band and released a song it would probably sound a little bit like this. The woozy electronic sound is very ethereal and empyrean. Mist-like chanting drifts below the main vocal, which itself floats like a cloud on the breeze, but still the track manages to have a lively beat that keeps everything skipping joyously along and a swirling chorus that will hover in your head for the rest of the day.

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