Listen: Delta Will – “It All Glows”

18 Sep

Delta Will

When you get an email from someone who claims to be a visitor from outer space, inhabiting the body of a human man through which to make music, you have a few options to consider.

a) Ignore them and hope they don’t know where you live.
b) Report them to the relevant Government/Military organisation and hope they don’t know where you live.
c) Report them to a suitable medical institution and hope they don’t know where you live.
d) Listen to the tunes and see if they are any good, after all, in this day and age we are all about equality and opportunity for everyone, even aliens from another planet.

As you can probably guess, we brave souls at Alphabet Bands chose option D and as a result, are today bringing you the new sounds of intergalactic traveller, Delta Will Though to be completely honest, we are pretty sure he doesn’t know where we live so options A – C are still on the table, if we find ourselves randomly making mashed potato mountains, we’ll be straight on the phone. Right now though, we are all able to enjoy the title track of the forthcoming Delta Will (or Charles Tilden if you want to use the name of his possessed human form) EP, It All Glows.

Warm, folky electronic sounds wash gently by as you take a sunset beach stroll, cocktail in hand feeling serene and imperturbable. The melody rinses the noise of the day to day away and makes the usual grind seem more bearable as the welcoming guitars strum and the vocal, appropriately enough coming from one who has travelled light years to be here, transports you far away to a world of late summer sun and relaxation.

This world we mean, Earth. At least we hope that’s where we’re being transported to. We’ll let you know when we get back.

”It All Glows” is currently available on a ‘name your own price’ deal at the Delta Will Bandcamp page and the full EP is due out on 22 October.

Stalk Delta Will: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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