Listen: Mega Emotion – “Brains”

20 Sep

Mega Emotion

You know all those preconceptions you have about sleepy Norwich? All the stereotypes you have heard about and all the objects and persons that reside within our Fine City that the rest of the world likes to rib with affectionate banter and ridicule?

Forget them. They are done. The amazing new three-piece Mega Emotion has put them away in a glass jar and smashed the ever loving piss out of it with a sledgehammer. This is the new Norwich and it’s about to blow your freaking mind.

Named after an ice-cream (that’s right, a flipping ice-cream) Mega Emotion has just the one demo online right now but if these girls and a guy can continue to create the crazy exciting and intense sounds of “Brains”, we are all in for a treat.

Seventies pop guitars and neo-disco basslines soon give way to brash, angular riffage and dark electro flashes while legwarmer wearing Zombies lumber about, hunting down their prey. Dayglo socks, global hyper-colour t-shirts and fuck-off massive shoulder pads to support the weight of their boomboxes are de-rigueur for this neon-Zombie chic as bedlam ensues all around.

“Brains” is big, bold, raw and powerful. Like the concentrated force of 100 drunken Delia Smith’s calling out the world for a rumble on the Prince of Wales Road at 3am on a Saturday, it doesn’t give a crap who comes calling. It is going to destroy you with its massive hooks and chaotically brilliant sound.

Mega Emotion, we salute you; take our brains, we won’t be needing them anymore.

”Brains” is out now and available to buy from the Mega Emotion Bandcamp page.

Stalk Mega Emotion: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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