Listen: Dancing Years – “Here’s To My Old Friends”

26 Sep

Dancing Years

After the joyous reminiscence of Eye Emma Jedi that we brought you on Monday, we’re taking another trip down memory lane today, but this time in a completely different way. Leeds based five-piece Dancing Years deal less in upbeat and rawkus grooviness, more in soaring orchestral beauty and watercolours of emotion and sentiment. Their debut single, “Here’s To My Old Friends” is a prime example of the evocative palette from which they paint.

Gently building and plucking at the heartstrings, especially of those older listeners whose friends are no longer seen as often as they might like; the song is like reading an old diary or looking through an old photo album. It’s full of warm remorse, happy memories that bring a smile to your face and a tear to the eye. Like watching the sun set on the last day of summer, it’s plaintive and beautiful and as the sun finally falls, the violins rise and let out a mournful, yearning cry for a time that is gone but will never be forgotten.

There’s also a stunning video to accompany the track that manages to make old man football in the park look like something majestic and to be revered. Take a look.

You’ll have to excuse us now, we have some old friends to phone…

”’Here’s To My Old Friends” will be released on 14 October on ZRP and Hide & Seek Records and can be pre-ordered here.

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