Watch: The Khanz – “Falling Apart”

3 Oct

The Khanz

We don’t know about you, but when a band describes themselves as ”Kinda like Vampire Weekend – if you shoved a kettle cord up their arse, plugged it into the wall and flicked the power switch”, we kinda feel pre-disposed to like them straight off the bat. When they release a video that comes with “**** SEIZURE WARNING – RAPIDLY CHANGING SCENES ****” emblazoned across the YouTube description, we kinda want to watch it again and again, (you know how we feel about freaky, seizure inducing videos right?), before we’ve even seen it once. So, when we were introduced to the sights and sounds of Australian four-piece The Khanz, we had a good feeling in our bones, bonce and ears.

Yes, such a description and video warning could lead some to believe that this was a young, immature band, intent on standing out and shocking more than anything else. They’d be wrong. The Khanz are about the music, about having fun and about not shying away from issues. Last year, for example, they released “Prescription Culture”, a song about the increased use of behaviour management drugs by children at the instruction of their parents and schools. You certainly don’t get that from your average indie-pop band, that’s for sure.

For their latest track, “Falling Apart” (the seizure inducing video for which you can see below), The Khanz gang are looking at a girl’s life that, well, falls apart, over the course of an eight year period, making the same mistakes as she goes, never addressing the real issue.

The video is just amazing, and not only sheds some light on why or how her life is collapsing around her, but also raises many more questions. We may be reading too much into it, but the ending sequence and the lack of variety in background and clothing (you’ll see what we mean) seems to be indicative of the denouement and finality of her fall. Kudos all round to director Ben Cox, actor Amy Wren and especially costumer, Judith Joan Walker.

The song itself is fantastic as well, independent of the stunning visuals that accompany it. It begins with a gentle pulsing, like the warning tones from a 50’s sci-fi flick, before it rises from an agitated abyss of emotion like a Kraken. Reaching up as the bass, beats and electronics combine to play out that feeling of treading water. You look around helplessly at the vast expanse of emptiness around you, oblivious to the gliding doom beneath your feet, the synths becoming more prominent as it draws ever nearer then fading as it pulls you under, your fate sealed.

”Falling Apart” is out now on Howling Horse Records and available to buy on iTunes.

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